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3 Blood Street
Pepperell, MA 01463
United States

Megan Carty is a Boston area contemporary painter who makes uplifting abstract floral paintings for people who have a flair for bold boho statements and tailored style. Through her bubbly personality, her use of bright colors, and her positive healing message she's here to deliver joy for your well-dressed walls!



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Megan Carty and Honey and Fitz collaboration

Megan Carty

floral paintings by Megan Carty

Guys! I’m so excited to finally reveal I’ve completed 32 paintings EXCLUSIVELY for Dina Holland’s (of Honey & Fitz) curated online shop the Honey & Fitz Collection! They are to be released for sale Sunday, September 8th 2019 at 8:00 pm EST. If you want to follow along and learn more about it, go ahead and follow Honey & Fitz and the Honey & Fitz Collection on Instagram! We are having a LIVE q&a conversation on Instagram there this coming Thursday evening at 8:00 pm. Join us for the fun!!!

Mark your calendars for Sunday…you do NOT want to be late to the game or they will all be GONE!

floral paintings by Megan Carty in the studio
floral paintings for Honey & Fitz by Megan Carty

Custom Wedding Bouquet Paintings by Megan Carty

Megan Carty

wedding bouquet and floral paintings by Megan Carty

I have had a busy summer creating custom wedding bouquet paintings for my amazing clients…what a fulfilling job I have! I’ve also been doing custom floral painting commissions for stylish decorators who want unique bright art for their discerning customers. Click the link to learn more about the fun wedding bouquet painting commission process! I look forward to working with you!

Affordable Fine Art Prints

Megan Carty

abstract floral art print by Megan Carty

Hey!!! Do you have a bald spot on your wall that needs love, but you need a specific size? Did you know I have a wide variety of beautiful prints on flat canvas offered in my online gallery? They look AND feel like the real thing! The sizes range from 8x10" all the way up to a large 30x40." The prices range from $40 to $340 for the largest size. Here is the specific link to peruse the variety of florals, landscapes, and abstracts available thus far...perfect for freshening up your home, office, or even your dorm room! If you love supporting independent artists like me, please like this post and share it with a friend who these might be perfect for. Thank you sooooo very much for your support!

Floral Painting Notecards by Megan Carty

Megan Carty

floral painting stationery by Megan Carty

After long wait, I have finally gone ahead and made a set of 5 blank notecards featuring my beautiful floral paintings on the front! They come with coordinating envelopes and are FREE domestic shipping! After printing (using fade-proof inks) I score and hand-fold them myself! Snag them for yourself or as a gift here!

I know what I’M using for thank you notes now!

Abstract Floral Painting and Print

Megan Carty

abstract floral painting art print
Abstract Floral Painting by Megan Carty

Hi! I’m so productive lately as I paint an array of abstract floral pieces. I’m loving working with bright color and it really brings my soul to life. I’ve worked so hard to produce floral paintings that are distinctly my own style and recognizable as mine. I’m proud of that!

Click here for the Original Abstract Floral Painting.

Click here for the Abstract Floral Art Print.

Preppy and Bright Abstract Art-The Sketch

Megan Carty

Study by Megan Carty, Copyright 2019 by the artist. It is illegal to take and use this image.

Study by Megan Carty, Copyright 2019 by the artist. It is illegal to take and use this image.

My newest abstract art collection I’m working on all started with this little study in my sketchbook. I’m in looooooove with the bright pops of color and the simplicity of the composition. I purposely restrained my use of colors so that the piece would make more of a statement in a room. The colors have enough breathing room to really sing, stand out, and be bold. I’m doing a TON of new work like this...both on paper and on canvas. AND I’ve got LARGE pieces coming…perfect for a mantle or over a couch or in a dining room. BOOM!!!

Megan Carty Art creates new feminine collection of slides with I-Slide

Megan Carty

megan carty with floral slides


I’m so excited to share that I’ve create a whole collection of floral slides for I-Slide! I got to go into their headquarters for a bit and paint a pair of slides and discuss what my work means to me and how I want to impact others. And THEN I got to design a collection of slides with my artwork! What a wonderful experience, thank you so much I-Slide!!! (I love how these bring a much needed feminine touch to their assortment! Yay!) Go HERE to shop the collection! They won’t be available forever, so grab your pair now!

Watch and listen below as I talk about my battle with depression and how my artwork helps get the word out about mental health awareness.

Art Depicting My Mind with Depression and Anxiety

Megan Carty


My latest work is abstract but has a message. I’m exploring what it feels like inside my brain while living and coping with depression and anxiety. How it isn’t always just black and bleak. It is complicated and full of color, confusion, decay, growth, and beauty. There is optimism, light, and energy. There is fear, desperation and stress. There is dismay, chatter, loneliness and overwhelm and it all exists together in a sort of murky soup. (for lack of a better word). 

I create a tangle of color, shape and line to convey this confusion of life and decay to the viewer in a relatable way. Surprisingly, the end result is something I hope to be pretty and interesting to look at. To be relatable and delightful despite having a morbid undercurrent. Like it has a hidden secret there in plain view…a secret shared between artist and viewer. What we see on the surface isn’t always the end of the story; it’s just the very beginning. 

abstract floral painting by megan carty

New Abstract Floral Painting

Megan Carty

abstract floral painting by Megan Carty

Hi friends!

I just completed my newest abstract floral painting and titled it "Here, Not Here." I consider this a self-portrait of my brain/personality coping with depression and anxiety. It's not all blackness and despair! I am so blessed and have so much to be grateful for and fulfilled by. And there are days where I feel so dry, sad, unmotivated, desperate and invisible...these feelings co-exist with feelings of joy, love, pride, and gratitude. Some days are better than others and some are absolutely terrible and scary. It's always different. The bottom line is, for me, these thoughts and feelings are always there TOGETHER as a Yin and Yang in my own mind. Harmony and dissonence. Dark and light. You can't have one without the other. 

It is 30x48", acrylic, pencil and charcoal on gallery-wrapped canvas. It's gloss-varnished for protection and has hanging-hardware installed. I highly recommend a gold floater frame for would be amazing! 

Abstract Floral Paintings

Megan Carty


Now that my solo show of New England coastal paintings is hanging up, I've found my cravings to paint abstracts again have taken over. I'm not finished with landscapes forever; I just like to explore the other side of my creativity. I get such satisfaction from painting scenery I love and recognize; and then I get such a free feeling from painting in an imaginative way that speaks to my soul. 




I have a love for sassy color, line, and shape...and opposites. Dark vs. Light. Massive vs. Delicate. Clutter vs. Open Space. Harmony vs. Dissonance ...making work that evokes botanicals (plants and flowers) really fits the bill. I get to use ALL the bright colors, delicate lines, biomorphic's beyond fun. And working abstractly allows me the freedom to make my own let the painting create itself from my inner muse. It's always a surprise what appears before me on the blank panel! My goal is to make paintings that are statement pieces: sophisticated, unique, tailored, crisp, and PRETTY. (Yes! I said the "P" word!)


Coastal Conversations Art Show by Megan Carty

Megan Carty

megan carty art, coastal New England paintings

My "Coastal Conversations" art show opening was a true excitement and I'm so thrilled my work is hanging in such a beautiful space! It was amazing to see my landscape paintings hanging all together; you can really see my artistic painting style throughout the work. I am all finished with my landscape cravings for now and plan to revisit them in the future after I explore my abstract cravings for a while!

Visit  1200 Centre St. Boston (Roslindale), MA...The Hebrew Rehabilitation Center. Follow the signs to park by the visitors' entrance and the gallery is just inside and down the hall to the left. 

It will hang until August 3rd 2018; check it out while you can! Art is available for purchase in my art shop.

megan carty art show

New England Contemporary Abstract Landscape Paintings by Megan Carty

Megan Carty

New England landscape painting by artist Megan Carty

Hot diggity-dog! Spring begins soon here in the States! (Of course, it stays snowy in MY neck of the woods until almost the end of April!) I don’t know about you, but I like spring because I start to “awaken” with energy as I leave hibernation mode and start ramping up activities to reach my goals. Are you revving your engine and ramping up too?

The idea of spring has triggered new growth for ME. As you can see (especially if you follow me on Instagram!) my landscape painting style is continuously evolving into my own…more toward abstraction…little by little. 


Paintings are more interesting to look at and are more dynamic when you AREN’T given all the information.


This “tickles your brain” and allows your mind to fill in the blanks from your own experiences so you can make the piece your own. 

In that way your own memories and emotions allow you become an active participant in the art! 

Cool, right?

I’m not as interested in capturing the New England landscape exactly as I see it (we have cameras to do that!) and would rather challenge myself to capture the gesture, energy and mood of a place in as simple a way as possible (using color, shape, line and value).

You would be surprised how DIFFICULT this is! I’m trained to SEE with great detail and notice every little color shift as I try to record it. Now, I’m trying to turn OFF that fussy tendency and simplify, simplify, simplify. It takes me out of my comfort zone but makes the art more exciting and electric.

I’m trying to SUGGEST details rather than show them. It can be hard to let go, loosen up and trust. Kinda like the advice given to writers: keep it simple and say it in as few words as possible!

New work is flowing along and I plan on releasing all new paintings (both small and large in size) soon. Sign up for my email newsletter "Collector's Circle" to get news and find out about exact release dates in advance.  I’m so excited about these…I can say they are nostalgic, gritty, honest, and show the more fickle side of the New England land. They are close to my heart and I believe they will resonate in meaningful ways for others. 

I’m excited to share this evolution with you! As always, thank you so much for coming along on this journey with me. Please do reach out and comment if you have any questions about my process or the art. I’ll be happy to answer! 

New England Contemporary Abstract Landscape Painting by Megan Carty, grass painting
New England Contemporary Abstract Landscape Painting by Megan Carty, Casco Bay, Yarmouth, Maine

Megan Carty Art for Anthropologie!

Megan Carty

abstract floral art by Megan Carty for Anthropologie

My longtime dream has come true! I year ago Anthropologie (my favorite store!) reached out to me to create a beautiful modern and cheerful abstract floral painting for them to use as a huge 3.5 x 7.25 foot paper tapestry! After a long wait, they are now available online to order! This was a wonderful and exciting experience and a huge honor for me. I so hope they do well!!!! I envision putting one in my daughter's room. Click the link to see the Zing and Swing tapestry art by Megan Carty.

My art is at Anthropologie!

Megan Carty

Hey! Good news!!!!  I'm excited to have had 2 art prints included for sale at Anthropologie via Artfully Walls! I'm so honored to be able to get my work out to more people and hope it brings you joy and style for your wall! This is a real dream come true for sure.  This first print is available NOW, the last photo was available last season but can still be found on Artfully Walls. Click here for that one: (floral abstract art print)

Sunday Picnic, art print by Megan Carty at Anthropologie
megancarty_anthropologie.jpg, abstract print by Megan Carty for Anthropologie

Vintage-Inspired Nursery Art Prints/Floral Art Prints

Megan Carty

I love unique nursery art, so I decided to show what my new floral paintings look like as nursery art prints/kids room art prints. These work great in vintage-inspired decor schemes and add a lot of color and zing!

I made them so they come in many sizes from small to large to suit your space needs. They come printed on flat canvas (so they look like the real thing!) and they come to you rolled in a cardboard tube (they don't come framed so you can pick your own AND it saves money in shipping.) The cost of shipping is built into the price. You can check out all the prints I offer here.

vintage inspired nursery art
Vintage inspired floral art, nursery art print
vintage art print, floral art print, girls room art print, kids room art, nursery art print

Painting through Intuition

Megan Carty

abstract watercolor landscape painting by Megan Carty

I'm digging the direction my work has been going lately...abstract but looks like a landscape...I try to convey a sense of time and mood through my use of color. They are like vignettes or memories of a space in time. When I sit down to paint I am usually in a peaceful state where I just finished meditating and I continue that peaceful energy into my painting practice. I look at my colors and then start with whatever I'm most drawn to. I don't plan ahead usually; although sometimes I will see a color palette I love in an inspirational image and I will aim to use those colors. I like to just let intuition take control and see how the piece unfolds on its own. Sometimes working this way makes me nervous, but it's my way of practicing in my intuition and in my vision.

Experimenting with Acrylic Inks

Megan Carty

abstract watercolor painting by Megan Carty

The other day I bought some acrylic inks to experiment with and I'd say I'm in love with them. It's the joy, permanence and vibrancy of acrylic paint, but the flow of a watercolor. They take some getting used to so far, but I think they are satisfying my artist spirit perfectly. Monday (today) is the day I get a lot done since the kids are in school or with a babysitter until 3:00. So, I have a few hours where I can focus on creating and doing business stuff. I got to sit and paint...just BE so I could work out some ideas that have been collecting moss in my brain. This painting is one of those. I even found time to list several new pieces in the shop and boy, does it feel good to add fresh work! I feel like I can breathe again now that I've cleared out the cobwebs inside myself.

The 100 Day Project 2016

Megan Carty

Hi friends! If you follow me on Instagram (@megan_carty_art) you will see I've been participating in the 100 Day Project where I post a small painting study every day for 100 days. I'm learning so much about my art and what I love to's been so eye-opening and valuable! Here, you can take a tour of the sketchbook I filled up the other day. I've had to start another one! Enjoy taking a peek!