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3 Blood Street
Pepperell, MA 01463
United States

Megan Carty is a Boston area contemporary painter who makes uplifting abstract floral paintings for people who have a flair for bold boho statements and tailored style. Through her bubbly personality, her use of bright colors, and her positive healing message she's here to deliver joy for your well-dressed walls!



Megan Carty and Honey and Fitz collaboration

Megan Carty

floral paintings by Megan Carty

Guys! I’m so excited to finally reveal I’ve completed 32 paintings EXCLUSIVELY for Dina Holland’s (of Honey & Fitz) curated online shop the Honey & Fitz Collection! They are to be released for sale Sunday, September 8th 2019 at 8:00 pm EST. If you want to follow along and learn more about it, go ahead and follow Honey & Fitz and the Honey & Fitz Collection on Instagram! We are having a LIVE q&a conversation on Instagram there this coming Thursday evening at 8:00 pm. Join us for the fun!!!

Mark your calendars for Sunday…you do NOT want to be late to the game or they will all be GONE!

floral paintings by Megan Carty in the studio
floral paintings for Honey & Fitz by Megan Carty

Custom Wedding Bouquet Paintings by Megan Carty

Megan Carty

wedding bouquet and floral paintings by Megan Carty

I have had a busy summer creating custom wedding bouquet paintings for my amazing clients…what a fulfilling job I have! I’ve also been doing custom floral painting commissions for stylish decorators who want unique bright art for their discerning customers. Click the link to learn more about the fun wedding bouquet painting commission process! I look forward to working with you!

Affordable Fine Art Prints

Megan Carty

abstract floral art print by Megan Carty

Hey!!! Do you have a bald spot on your wall that needs love, but you need a specific size? Did you know I have a wide variety of beautiful prints on flat canvas offered in my online gallery? They look AND feel like the real thing! The sizes range from 8x10" all the way up to a large 30x40." The prices range from $40 to $340 for the largest size. Here is the specific link to peruse the variety of florals, landscapes, and abstracts available thus far...perfect for freshening up your home, office, or even your dorm room! If you love supporting independent artists like me, please like this post and share it with a friend who these might be perfect for. Thank you sooooo very much for your support!

Studio scenes

Megan Carty

Art studio for floral painter Megan Carty

This is the corner of my studio where I do computer work or make small paintings. It’s across the room from where I like to paint the larger works. My desk is a dining table we used in the kitchen at our old house. As you can see, I like a lot of visual clutter…eye candy and little collections. The studio is the perfect spot for all my little delights and they make the space feel cheery. I may be a pack rat, but only here and only my favorite bits!

Abstract floral painting on paper

Megan Carty

Today I am mothering and painting…painting and mothering. Do you like my hiding spot? They will never find me…

I’m working on a huge series of abstract floral paintings for a collaboration I can’t reveal yet. Be sure to sign up for my mailing list to learn all about it when the time comes!

Abstract Floral painting by artist Megan Carty

Floral Painting Notecards by Megan Carty

Megan Carty

floral painting stationery by Megan Carty

After long wait, I have finally gone ahead and made a set of 5 blank notecards featuring my beautiful floral paintings on the front! They come with coordinating envelopes and are FREE domestic shipping! After printing (using fade-proof inks) I score and hand-fold them myself! Snag them for yourself or as a gift here!

I know what I’M using for thank you notes now!

Abstract Floral Painting

Megan Carty

I’m in love with this one. I wanted to combine my abstract aesthetic with my floral style and see what happened...and it looks like this! I love the colors with the line work and minimalist approach. I envision this painting in a casual boho style home full of chic natural elements. Click this link for more details on this beautiful abstract floral painting.


Abstract Floral Painting and Print

Megan Carty

abstract floral painting art print
Abstract Floral Painting by Megan Carty

Hi! I’m so productive lately as I paint an array of abstract floral pieces. I’m loving working with bright color and it really brings my soul to life. I’ve worked so hard to produce floral paintings that are distinctly my own style and recognizable as mine. I’m proud of that!

Click here for the Original Abstract Floral Painting.

Click here for the Abstract Floral Art Print.

Uplifting Quote: Deep Breathing for Relaxation

Megan Carty


One technique I use when I am super-frustrated or annoyed about something is to push my breath out as hard as possible for as long as I can (like blowing out a candle…but on steroids). Then, I take a breath in VERY slowly and count to 7 while I think “In with love.” Next, I breathe OUT slowly with another count to 7 or more until ALLLLLL the air is gone and then some. With that, I think “Out with hate” (I will say it a few times as I breathe out.) I do this over and over until I feel so calm and relaxed. It sounds cheesy, but it actually works and I do it all the time. It’s also the method I use when I’m having trouble falling asleep. The slow breathing really forces my heart to steady and keeps my brain from racing. It forces your physical body to slow down and the next thing you know, you are waking up from a sound sleep!

Anyway, don’t let negative energy get stuck inside! Send it out frequently so it doesn’t build up and cause dis-ease (and disease!).

Uplifting Quote: Creating Your Own Opportunities

Megan Carty

Be sure to click and save the image if you’d like to share it on Instagram or Facebook!

Be sure to click and save the image if you’d like to share it on Instagram or Facebook!

As an artist, it is easy to assume that one day the “right” person will find our work and then share it with the world and suddenly we will be famous and successful. It’s a dream, right?

It’s also not reality. Artists who are successful figure out who they want to reach with their art and then they GO FIND THEM. They reach out via email, direct message, comment, or tweet. They find where the right opportunities are and then go after them. There’s no magic in it. Just hard work and effort and bravery.

Artists build door after door as they build their careers and it takes commitment and drive and the awareness of who their work IS for and who it ISN’T. With this knowledge, we get out into the world and build relationships…a network of people we can help and who may be able to help us one day. It takes time.

You can still paint all day long and keep it a secret. Then, it is a wonderful hobby. But the professional artist who wants to make a career in selling paintings will get out there and create their opportunities.

How to Reach Your Goals and Increase Your Productivity!

Megan Carty

how to reach your goals and increase your productivity using a time timer

Hi friends!

For YEARS I have had so many different goals and resolutions…de-clutter the house, start a regular exercise routine, regularly update my business book keeping…I never seem to stick with a schedule and I recently gave it some real thought. Why do I find it so challenging to do these things?

The answer came to me when I thought about my feelings and I realize that I dread these tasks because they seem overwhelming. Insurmountable. Too time-consuming. Too much work. BLAAAHHHHH. The results from these limiting beliefs was NO ACTION. No productivity. No changes.

Well, what could I do to make the tasks less overwhelming? Less time-consuming? Today do-able?

I decided to get a timer and it was a game-changer! Now, I didn’t get just ANY timer (I have my phone for that!). I got a TIME TIMER! THIS timer shows you how much time is passing in a visual way. For example, when I turn the dial to 10 minutes, the section of 10 minutes is colored RED. As the time counts down, the red also disappears with it. It’s simple yet powerful. (You can see the timer in the image with this blog post as an example)

When I want to declutter a room, I start with ONE drawer and set the timer to 20 minutes. I then go ahead and do what I can within that 20 minute window. Once the time is up, I can stop! This allows me to feel like I’m moving toward my goals without all the feelings of overwhelm and struggle. If I have not completed the drawer and I have more time, then perhaps I set the timer for 10 more minutes and finish up. OR, I simply leave it to the next day. Over the following days, weeks, and months I move through the room drawer-by-drawer and cabinet-by-cabinet using the timer to help me stay on task. It’s much easier to reach our goals when we have a flexible deadline.

With exercise, I am a beginner and have quit trying several times. Usually it’s because I do too much too fast and it becomes very punishing, painful, and a horrible experience. Now, I’m setting my timer to 10 minutes and doing high-intensity circuit training in that window. I figure that 40 minutes seems like torture, but I can handle 10 minutes of anything! AND starting out with small goals allows me to build up my strength over time as I am actually able to show up a little bit each day. 10 minutes is better than ZERO minutes (which is what I was doing before!). Before too long, I will build up to 15 minute windows and then 20 minute windows and so-forth.

Another great use is with helping the kids be productive in chores or with food. My kids struggle to eat their meals in a timely manner. They would sit for 3 hours if I let them (and still never eat much food!). Cue the timer! I simply set the timer for 30 minutes and set it nearby where they can watch it. There is NO annoying or stressful ticking noise to add stress. It simply shows the allotment of time available in an easy way. The kids can now see and control their use of their time because the timer makes it clear how much of it is left. The result? Food is eaten and there is more time for homework, fun activities, chores, and other tasks for the evening.

It’s ok to have lots of goals, but we need to have a way to make them attainable. We need to set ourselves up for realistic success. Breaking my goals down into small chunks and using the timer to keep me on task has been a huge help for my productivity. No more feelings of dread or overwhelm and I feel like I can attain ANYTHING (as long as I give myself enough TIME to make it happen in a real way!).

Snag your own Time Timer here!

Here is a video where I discuss how the Time-Timer increases my productivity to achieve my goals:

Preppy and Bright Abstract Art-The Sketch

Megan Carty

Study by Megan Carty, Copyright 2019 by the artist. It is illegal to take and use this image.

Study by Megan Carty, Copyright 2019 by the artist. It is illegal to take and use this image.

My newest abstract art collection I’m working on all started with this little study in my sketchbook. I’m in looooooove with the bright pops of color and the simplicity of the composition. I purposely restrained my use of colors so that the piece would make more of a statement in a room. The colors have enough breathing room to really sing, stand out, and be bold. I’m doing a TON of new work like this...both on paper and on canvas. AND I’ve got LARGE pieces coming…perfect for a mantle or over a couch or in a dining room. BOOM!!!

Pinterest to Palette: Color Inspiration

Megan Carty


Images I discover on Pinterest often inspire the color combinations I choose for my work; I wanted to share what this looks like to give you a peek into my process. Follow me on Pinterest here.

The top original image was pinned to Pinterest by Victoria Smith of the blog sfgirlbybay...
visit her original blog post or visit her Pinterest boards

The original image is from the Denmark based House-Doctor.

The bright lemon yellow color of that little box there halted me in my scroll and all the different shades of green around it got my wheels turning! I am producing several abstract paintings with these different variations and I’m doubtful I’ll be tired of it anytime soon!

Uplifting Quote: When Bad Things Happen FOR us

Megan Carty


In January, I like to reflect on the past year and think about what I’ve learned (both positive and negative) and how I can take that with me.

When bad things happen, they happen FOR us (not TO us). Hard things are painful because they force us to stretch and expand and thus move us toward the next great thing.

We are always expanding and changing (and not just from the holiday treats!) It’s part of our purpose here. We can’t live in the past. Once we have stretched and learned, it’s over and gone forever. We get to choose how we feel as we move ahead.

It doesn’t always seem that way, does it? We hang on to our burdens like a badge of honor when they don’t serve us in a positive way.

I give myself permission to let go of old burdens and keep my eyes forward. Always searching for gratitude and ways to make things great right NOW.

I hope you will too!

Artist's Edit: Style this Abstract Floral Painting!

Megan Carty


I realized recently that sharing my artwork with you is great, but showing HOW it can work in your space is even better! Each month I will post as part of a new series I’ve created called “Artist’s Edit” where I take one of my paintings and style it for an imaginary space using furniture and accessories I think would go well with it. If you like it, I hope you’ll consider pinning it to your Pinterest boards!

First up: this featured art piece is one of my favorite modern abstract floral paintings called “I Forgot to Weed” and it comes FRAMED in an awesome golden floater frame. I think it’s the perfect complement to a den or office; much (but not ALL) of the furniture and accessories I suggest here are by Article.

Follow me on Pinterest HERE.

Megan Carty Art creates new feminine collection of slides with I-Slide

Megan Carty

megan carty with floral slides


I’m so excited to share that I’ve create a whole collection of floral slides for I-Slide! I got to go into their headquarters for a bit and paint a pair of slides and discuss what my work means to me and how I want to impact others. And THEN I got to design a collection of slides with my artwork! What a wonderful experience, thank you so much I-Slide!!! (I love how these bring a much needed feminine touch to their assortment! Yay!) Go HERE to shop the collection! They won’t be available forever, so grab your pair now!

Watch and listen below as I talk about my battle with depression and how my artwork helps get the word out about mental health awareness.

New Floral Art Prints Added!

Megan Carty

pretty floral art print by Megan Carty, teal blue, bright floral bouquet

Hi friends!

I’m excited to have added a whole bunch of new floral fine art prints in the shop! I’m offering them in a wide array of styles and sizes. Simply click on the one you like and choose the size from the drop-down menu. That will update the price so you can decide which one you want most.

These are such high quality printed with fade-proof inks that last more than a lifetime on quality flat canvas…simple frame them up and they look like the real thing!

Shop prints here.

abstract floral art print by Megan Carty

Abstract Floral Painting Depicts Anxiety and Depression

Megan Carty

depression abstract floral painting by Megan Carty

The crippling tangles of anxiety and depression come in waves out of nowhere and try to take root. It can feel like extreme overwhelm and emptiness all at once. But you are also still in there...the beauty, the memories, the love and sweetness of life...but it can quickly get overgrown and crowded and strangled without treatment. Tend to your garden every day.

(My newest pieces are beautiful, airy, and painted on highest quality 2” depth cradled wood panels stained and sealed for a sleek presentation on the wall.)