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3 Blood Street
Pepperell, MA 01463
United States

Megan Carty is a Boston area contemporary painter who makes uplifting abstract floral paintings for people who have a flair for bold boho statements and tailored style. Through her bubbly personality, her use of bright colors, and her positive healing message she's here to deliver joy for your well-dressed walls!



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How to Reach Your Goals and Increase Your Productivity!

Megan Carty

how to reach your goals and increase your productivity using a time timer

Hi friends!

For YEARS I have had so many different goals and resolutions…de-clutter the house, start a regular exercise routine, regularly update my business book keeping…I never seem to stick with a schedule and I recently gave it some real thought. Why do I find it so challenging to do these things?

The answer came to me when I thought about my feelings and I realize that I dread these tasks because they seem overwhelming. Insurmountable. Too time-consuming. Too much work. BLAAAHHHHH. The results from these limiting beliefs was NO ACTION. No productivity. No changes.

Well, what could I do to make the tasks less overwhelming? Less time-consuming? Today do-able?

I decided to get a timer and it was a game-changer! Now, I didn’t get just ANY timer (I have my phone for that!). I got a TIME TIMER! THIS timer shows you how much time is passing in a visual way. For example, when I turn the dial to 10 minutes, the section of 10 minutes is colored RED. As the time counts down, the red also disappears with it. It’s simple yet powerful. (You can see the timer in the image with this blog post as an example)

When I want to declutter a room, I start with ONE drawer and set the timer to 20 minutes. I then go ahead and do what I can within that 20 minute window. Once the time is up, I can stop! This allows me to feel like I’m moving toward my goals without all the feelings of overwhelm and struggle. If I have not completed the drawer and I have more time, then perhaps I set the timer for 10 more minutes and finish up. OR, I simply leave it to the next day. Over the following days, weeks, and months I move through the room drawer-by-drawer and cabinet-by-cabinet using the timer to help me stay on task. It’s much easier to reach our goals when we have a flexible deadline.

With exercise, I am a beginner and have quit trying several times. Usually it’s because I do too much too fast and it becomes very punishing, painful, and a horrible experience. Now, I’m setting my timer to 10 minutes and doing high-intensity circuit training in that window. I figure that 40 minutes seems like torture, but I can handle 10 minutes of anything! AND starting out with small goals allows me to build up my strength over time as I am actually able to show up a little bit each day. 10 minutes is better than ZERO minutes (which is what I was doing before!). Before too long, I will build up to 15 minute windows and then 20 minute windows and so-forth.

Another great use is with helping the kids be productive in chores or with food. My kids struggle to eat their meals in a timely manner. They would sit for 3 hours if I let them (and still never eat much food!). Cue the timer! I simply set the timer for 30 minutes and set it nearby where they can watch it. There is NO annoying or stressful ticking noise to add stress. It simply shows the allotment of time available in an easy way. The kids can now see and control their use of their time because the timer makes it clear how much of it is left. The result? Food is eaten and there is more time for homework, fun activities, chores, and other tasks for the evening.

It’s ok to have lots of goals, but we need to have a way to make them attainable. We need to set ourselves up for realistic success. Breaking my goals down into small chunks and using the timer to keep me on task has been a huge help for my productivity. No more feelings of dread or overwhelm and I feel like I can attain ANYTHING (as long as I give myself enough TIME to make it happen in a real way!).

Snag your own Time Timer here!

Here is a video where I discuss how the Time-Timer increases my productivity to achieve my goals:

Megan Carty Art creates new feminine collection of slides with I-Slide

Megan Carty

megan carty with floral slides


I’m so excited to share that I’ve create a whole collection of floral slides for I-Slide! I got to go into their headquarters for a bit and paint a pair of slides and discuss what my work means to me and how I want to impact others. And THEN I got to design a collection of slides with my artwork! What a wonderful experience, thank you so much I-Slide!!! (I love how these bring a much needed feminine touch to their assortment! Yay!) Go HERE to shop the collection! They won’t be available forever, so grab your pair now!

Watch and listen below as I talk about my battle with depression and how my artwork helps get the word out about mental health awareness.

Unboxing my NEW Case for Making Watercolors!

Megan Carty

Today’s fun little video shows the unboxing of my new handmade watercolors and travel palette I ordered from Case for Making, a small business based out of San Francisco. I also gave the luscious colors a quick try and am overjoyed at their quality!

Thanks for watching!

Visit: to see beautiful watercolors and painting accessories

Visit: to learn about me and view my work

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Travel Watercolor case with canteen:


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For filming:

I simply used my iPad Pro and my iPhone 6 and edited it all on my iPad Pro using LumaFusion.

Contact me: megan(at)

How it feels when you want to end your life

Megan Carty

depression and suicide awareness

Hi friends!

Today I'm taking a break from painting in recognition of suicide prevention week. As you may already know from my "about" page, I've suffered from depression for 23 years so far and have been suicidal a fraction of that time; mainly in the last few years. This is a big "why" as to what my painting practice means to my self-support/healing and to my collectors.

I've been thinking a lot lately about my friends who have lost loved ones close to them to suicide and my heart aches for them. I see a lot out in the media for suicide awareness that discusses how we need to "know how to look for the signs" and how we need to be there for our loved ones and tell them we love them. And I agree. But I feel called and compelled to weigh in and say that people suffering from suicidal thoughts need to feel EMPOWERED to seek help for themselves. They need to feel like it is ok to tell close loved ones about their feelings and needs, and that they can go get help from a doctor or psychiatrist. People need to recognize the warning signs within THEMSELVES that something is wrong and that the disease of depression has taken root (and can worsen if untreated!) A knight in shining armor will not come save you from a "suicidal cliff"; you have to fight the dragon yourself and you CAN. You do NOT have to suffer in silence and fear burdening someone else with your "issues." You are sick!!! It is an illness that can have severe consequences and outcomes! You cannot sit around and wait for someone to recognize something might be off with you or read your mind.  In short, people are happy to help. Especially when they love you. But you have to TELL them about it!

In this video, I discuss very candidly what it feels like when you are in a suicidal mindset so it may shed some light as to a reason WHY. I can only speak for myself, but I wanted to share in case it helps someone else.

I also see a lot of loved ones left behind who blame themselves or feel regretful that they weren't "more helpful" to their friend in some way...that perhaps that person might still be here if they had "done more." I can't imagine the pain of that burden!!!!! And I'm here to say that, in my experience, that is not the case. When I felt like ending my life, it was coming from a place of love and sacrifice (as you will hear me discuss in the video). People say "how can you be so selfish to kill yourself and leave your family behind!?" and I get it. I discuss this in detail in the video and hope it brings a new light and lifts a bit of burden from your heart.

Thinking of you all and wishing you love and light!!!! Let's end this stigma!!!!!

The 100 Day Project 2016

Megan Carty

Hi friends! If you follow me on Instagram (@megan_carty_art) you will see I've been participating in the 100 Day Project where I post a small painting study every day for 100 days. I'm learning so much about my art and what I love to's been so eye-opening and valuable! Here, you can take a tour of the sketchbook I filled up the other day. I've had to start another one! Enjoy taking a peek!

Megan Carty on Facebook Live...Studio Update!

Megan Carty

Hey Guys! You HAVE to follow me on my Facebook Page! I'm going to start doing LIVE video broadcasts over there so you can see what I'm up to in real time! I'll be bringing you the "behind the scenes" look as I make my paintings, show you my space, give you tips and tricks about art, and Q/As. I hope you enjoy watching them and getting to know me! Join me over there and subscribe so you can be notified when I go LIVE!

Taking time to smell, um, PAINT the roses

Megan Carty

Here's a little sneak peek of my latest floral bouquet painting. This one is a small one at 11x14 size but it really packs a colorful punch if I do say so myself! You'll see that even when a flower is pink you can look closely at the colors and see reds in the shadows. I love that about color. It's so sneaky! I hope to have this one up for sale soon; along with some other smaller pieces. Subscribe to my newsletter if you would like to know when these are going to release ahead of time.

New Studio: Progress

Megan Carty

Hi friends! I'm so excited we are in the process of building my new studio space in an old garage attached to our house! Here's a little tour of what we've got so far! I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!

Unique Animal Nursery Art by Megan Carty


Woodland Nursery Art Print by Megan Carty Lamb Art Print by Megan Carty Bird Art Print by Megan Carty Deer Woodland Nursery Art Print Hi friends! I'm so excited! Do you have a child's room or nursery that needs some cute artwork that is unique? Or, maybe you want some fun quirky art for your office or playroom?

I'm so excited about my new line of multi-media work! I've got a long list of baby animals I am painting using Acryla Gouache on clayboard. Then, I take some Arches watercolor paper and create a fun accessory for the critter using gouache and then trim it out with an X-Acto knife. I apply gel-medium to the back and affix it to the painting and it's done!

You can watch a time-lapse movie of me making one!


I LOVE them. I've shown my original pieces to several people and everyone has commented that they would love the designs as prints, so I've gone ahead and created some! And for the true test, I've shown them to classrooms of children who all loved them and wanted one for themselves. That's a good sign!

The giclee prints I made are archival quality using professional inks that will last more than a lifetime on 100% cotton rag ultra thick paper. I've sized them at 12x12 inches...not too big and not too small. When they are framed, they really make a nice statement on their own or as part of a group.

Do you have an animal you'd like to see? Let me know in the comments below! I'm currently working on a unicorn, a bear cub, and a baby fox (kit) and have a list of others I'd like to do. Only so much time in a day, especially with 3 little ones underfoot! Ha!

I'm selling the original pieces here in my shop and I'm selling the unframed prints at my Etsy store (where you can find more details on each print!) I hope you like them as much as I do!

If you want to hear about new work before anyone else, you can subscribe to my Arty Newsletter HERE and get the exclusive FIRST look at new paintings, videos and special promotions.