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3 Blood Street
Pepperell, MA 01463
United States

Megan Carty is a Boston area contemporary painter who makes uplifting abstract floral paintings for people who have a flair for bold boho statements and tailored style. Through her bubbly personality, her use of bright colors, and her positive healing message she's here to deliver joy for your well-dressed walls!



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When a painting isn't going right...

Megan Carty

Hi friends!

I while back I found a huge 4-foot x 4-foot canvas on a rare mega-sale and snagged it; excited to do a giant Maine nautical painting perfect for hanging over a couch. Time went by until I found the perfect image that inspired me (it had to have the right colors!) Now, I needed to create the perfect abstract background for my boat to float upon; but I just couldn't get it to look how I imagined. I used several kinds of blues and strokes; different compositions of paint, and I just couldn't get it. This is frustrating as it is, but it's also expensive when you go through so much paint! GAH!

blue abstract painting process by Megan Carty
Maine nautical painting process by Megan Carty
Maine boat painting process by Megan Carty

I felt pretty dejected for a spell as I started to question my abilities and then realized that I was fighting the process. Clearly, my "plan" wasn't working out and I needed to let it go. I didn't really want to since I'd spent a few days of work and a ton of paint just to get where I was at (back to the beginning). But, like anything else in life, you cannot cling to a bad thing just because of the time you invested. I could have kept going and ended up with an ok painting I wasn't proud of. (THAT doesn't sound good!!!!) So, I got brave and simply painted over my work; but was able to let all my different layers show through.  It started looking like a finished abstract painting right away; so I went in a new abstract direction. At this point I could have left it as it was, but it didn't look like my mission where I use happy bright colors to bring joy to a space. So, that's just what I did!

It's funny; but once I got started in the new direction it didn't take long to give birth to a happy finished piece! This version poured out of me in the most natural way and I couldn't be more thrilled with it! 

What a journey! This finished piece titled "In the Fold" is now for sale in the "abstracts" section of the site. It's 48x48", acrylic and pastel on gallery-wrapped canvas that's 1.5" deep. The sides are painted in a deep Prussian Blue. I installed a hanging wire at the back so it's ready to go! Biggest lesson learned: it's ok to cut your losses and start again. It's never too late to start anew! Something good will come of it!

colorful happy large abstract painting by artist Megan Carty
Cheerful Vibrant Floral Abstract Painting by Boston-based artist Megan Carty