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3 Blood Street
Pepperell, MA 01463
United States

Megan Carty is a Boston area contemporary abstract-expressionist painter who makes uplifting abstract landscape paintings for people who have a flair for bold statements and tailored style. Through her bubbly personality, her use of bright colors, and her positive healing message she's here to deliver joy for your well-dressed walls!


Who Am I?

I'm Megan Carty... A Boston-based contemporary spiritual artist who makes uplifting abstract paintings for people who have a flair for bold statements and tailored style. My bubbly personality, use of bright colors, and positive attitude help deliver joy to your well-dressed walls!

I grew up in a mill town just outside of beautiful (and inspirational!) coastal Portland, Maine. I had a whimsical childhood where art had a place in everyday life.  After I earned my B.F.A. degree from Syracuse University’s School of Art and Design I spent many years doing graphic design work for a wide assortment of retail clients; but was left feeling unfulfilled and without purpose.  Inspired by my life-long dream to be a full-time painter, I'm thrilled to now be focused on my purpose to uplift and heal others through my fine art work. My colorful paintings and prints reside with collectors all over the United States and the United Kingdom. My bubbly personality shows through in my abstract pieces as I try to spread joy and peace one painting at a time. When I'm not painting I run around barefoot with my sweet husband Chris and our three small children in the countryside of charming Pepperell, Massachusetts. 


Being a healing artist is a wonderful gift I take very seriously. Because I love to create and make, it was very hard to narrow down my painting style until I realized my life’s purpose, or, my “why.” I’ve suffered and battled the disease of Depression for over 20 years thus far. I know what it is like to know deep shattering loss. I know what it is like to be unable to function, have zero motivation, feel physically in pain all the time; to feel so lost and empty, and to feel deep down that you are not a good mother for your children…they would be better off with someone else more…whatever. 

These feelings are like a mirage in a desert…they aren’t true. They are a vision of something that isn’t really there. Thanks to medication and a lot of hard work (and support from my family!) I am in a great place and continue to thrive! This ongoing battle has strongly lead me to bring positivity into the world. Creating my art has been so healing for me...I want to inspire and heal you as well by using my art to fill your life with soothing, uplifting, and comforting energy. I do not use the color black in my paintings. I create paintings with unexpected combinations of vibrant happy color in hopes that it will brighten your home and give you something simply pretty and joyful to reflect and meditate on. When I paint I put all my happiest vibes into what I do and I hope that shows. My original art vibrates with the my actual energy; and that is why I paint on the daily. 

I hope this sheds some light as to why I create what I do and I consider it an honor to contribute to the greater good in this way. It’s the way God gave me and the only way I know how! 

I book painting commissions; please email me at if you are interested in having your own special painting created for yourself or as a unique gift!